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The map below shows cumulative savings by county, zipcode, neighborhood, section, and individual savings by property. Use the address search bar on the map to find out who is saving in your neighborhood! You can switch the protest year by tapping the Switch layers icon on the map.
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Presented information is based on public data available from WCAD, TCAD, HCAD, BCAD, Hays CAD, and Bell CAD.

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When you sign up with us, you get the complete property tax protest representation services. Our focus is exclusively on the residential properties in the Greater Austin, the Greater San Antonio, and the Greater Houston areas. We leverage artificial intelligence and other technologies to get you a positive outcome!

Artificial Intelligence

We use sophisticated software, including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to construct a strong case to reduce your property value! Then, we attend the protest hearings to present the case on your behalf at the appraisal district offices.

Save Time

You can save 8–10 hours of your time by using our services. Every property tax appeal requires hours of research of your home, your neighborhood, recent sales, and etc. This requires thorough understanding of the appraisal process and the usage of very specific formulas for adjustments. Lastly, you'll need to make a trip to the Appraisal District to meet with the appraisers and the ARB panel to present your case.

Save More Money

Property tax consultants have 80–90% protest success rate. Similarly, property tax agents achieve higher property value reductions. Property tax agents win more cases and save you more money on taxes!

Low Service Fee

We charge a contingent fee of only 33% of the total tax savings (that's 30% less than average)! We DON'T charge a minimum service fee! This means you keep A LOT MORE of your savings 💰!

Social Responsibility

Every year we will select a cause and donate a portion of the profits to charitable organizations.

Referral Program

We appreciate your referrals and we want to reward you for referring your friends, neighbors, and coworkers. When your referral signs up for our services, both you and your referral will get credit towards future invoices.


Sign up today and get 20% off your 2023 invoice!

Our 2021 Protest Results

Every property is different and as such, every single property tax appeal is unique. We construct a compelling argument to reduce your property value using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence based technology! Here's a small selection of our property tax protest results from 2021*.

Summerlyn, Leander

Saved $537

Single story • 1,700 sq ft • Built in 2012

Noticed Value: $248,864
Certified Value: $228,863
Value Reduction: $20,001
Tax Rate: × 2.685%
Total Savings: $537

Bradshaw Crossing, Austin

Saved $365

Two story • 2,400 sq ft • Built in 2017

Noticed Value: $310,396
Certified Value: $293,600
Value Reduction: $16,796
Tax Rate: × 2.177%
Total Savings: $365

Ranch at Brushy Creek, Cedar Park

Saved $459

Two story • 3,500 sq ft • Built in 2011

Noticed Value: $632,002
Certified Value: $610,418
Value Reduction: $21,584
Tax Rate: × 2.129%
Total Savings: $459

Buttercup Creek, Cedar Park

Saved $287

Two story • 2,100 sq ft • Built in 1992

Noticed Value: $337,997
Certified Value: $325,686
Value Reduction: $12,311
Tax Rate: × 2.332%
Total Savings: $287
* Past results are not a guarantee of future performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • TaxProtestMap was built using the latest advancements in technology including artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver positive protest outcomes. As you will see when you work with us, we rely heavily on automation for everything from the signup process through analyzing data from multiple sources to construct an irrefutable argument to lower your property taxes. Finally, we go and meet the appraisers on your behalf to present our argument and negotiate a property value reduction in the official appraisal district records, saving you TONS of time!

  • We represent residential properties in Bell, Bexar, Harris, Hays, Travis, and Williamson counties.

  • We represent only the following residential properties: single-family homes, condominiums, duplexes, triplex, quadplexes only.

  • We charge a contingent fee of only 33% of the total tax savings (that's 30% less than average)! And unlike some of our competitors, we DON'T charge a minimum service fee!!! This means you keep A LOT MORE of your savings 💰!

  • The protest filing deadline in 2022 is May 16, or 30 days after the date on your Notice of Appraised Value, whichever is later.

  • Yes; however, the outcome depends on exactly how the protest was filed, what evidence was provided to the appraisal district, and other factors. It is in your best interest to allow us to handle the entire protest process from start to finish.

  • Reducing your appraised value will not affect your sale or list price! Appraisal districts use a mass appraisal system which does not consider the facts such as hardwood flooring vs carpet, remodeled kitchen vs outdated, high ceilings vs low, professionally landscaped yard vs no landscaping at all. All these details play a huge role in determining the sale price of a home.

  • Square footage, decks, patios, porches, age, quality of construction, and even the section within a neighborhood can make a huge difference in the appraised value. Appraisal districts use obscure math and formulas, which are not readily available, but TaxProtestMap has all the information required to make a strong case for a property value reduction.

  • Protest hearings typically run May through August and your hearing can happen at any time during this timeframe. The current year tax rates are set in August/September. You can expect to hear from us shortly after that with the protest results as well as the invoice for our services.

  • If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone at (512)829-8308, by email at info@taxprotestmap.com, or by using the built-in chat function.

Maksim Orlovich - Property Tax Consultant

Our Company

Our mission is to reduce Texas homeowners property tax burden by applying the latest technologies to the property tax appeal process!

TaxProtestMap was founded in 2019 as an informational website for Austin area homeowners to raise awereness about the property tax protest process, and to visualize the public protest data on a map. The founder, Maksim Orlovich, is an avid entrepreneur, a passionate software developer with experience spanning nearly two decades, and a licensed Property Tax Consultant.

Maksim started helping homeowners get property value reductions in 2019 as goodwill for the community. We had a great 2022 season representing homeowners in Williamson, Travis, and Bexar counties. We are pleased to announce that in 2023, we will begin offering our world class property tax protest representation services in Harris County, Hays County and Bell County!

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